Friday, August 20, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 6th Part

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Seven and eight days later I was looking up to the sky, suddenly I saw some gaps opening and I saw another sky, from where some multicoloured smokes came out, as the rainbow, with such a strengh and speed that they were able to stop a train.

The gaps got closed and the Smokes remained making wonderful drawings. They made ribbons, aureoles, like the signs that people put on the Virgin: "Gloria in scelsis Deo".

I thought it was some natural phenomenum and everybody could see it. But when I asked I realized that nobody could see it.

Since then these "Smokes" never get out my sight. If I am in a closed place, they are small. If I am in the street, they are very big. The biggest the place, the biggest the drawing.

In one of my Revelations God told me that He had left His footprints floating.

To be continued...

Monday, August 9, 2010

The man lives without God, during the time he doesn't follow his commandments

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they said:

If the man looks for God the same as he looks for water, He would bear Him in mind in the plain and in the mountain, in the long and short roads.

If the man would love God the same as he loves money, the man lived better thinking to give food to the hungry people. They would make God happy, fulfilling the Gospel.

The man lives without God when he doesn't follow His Commandments.

One who lived in the Earth and in Heavens when God took out his spirit from his body said:

What a harm is doing the man to the man having this Writings in such a silent (texts written by the hand of the Chosen One and dictated by God). And what a disdain for something that nobody can correct, not even a Theologian or a big writer.

If the man loved God, he would know His language. If he would look for Him to love Him, he would find Him.

The force of these Dictations will uncover those who say that they love.

I woke up, and I heard:

This order must be fulfilled and the silent will be stamped on.

Until the Head of the Church
will spread it around the World.

Is it bad to say
that God is the same
and that the time has not gone by?

Let's them read Writings
from the Old and New Testament.
What can both take out from This
and what can This teaches to the latter?

If this is so,
Amen and full stop!

It has no apology
to have the Power of God
and not to answer His orders.

The Chose one obeys
showing the dictation,
that was told to the spirit before.


Book 18 - God doesn't want, He allows - Volume III - Pag. 226-227-228