Friday, August 20, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 6th Part

...Read in Spanish

Seven and eight days later I was looking up to the sky, suddenly I saw some gaps opening and I saw another sky, from where some multicoloured smokes came out, as the rainbow, with such a strengh and speed that they were able to stop a train.

The gaps got closed and the Smokes remained making wonderful drawings. They made ribbons, aureoles, like the signs that people put on the Virgin: "Gloria in scelsis Deo".

I thought it was some natural phenomenum and everybody could see it. But when I asked I realized that nobody could see it.

Since then these "Smokes" never get out my sight. If I am in a closed place, they are small. If I am in the street, they are very big. The biggest the place, the biggest the drawing.

In one of my Revelations God told me that He had left His footprints floating.

To be continued...

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