Friday, July 30, 2010

The man calls God as the funeral

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they said:

The man do the things knowing that God doesn't like them, this is the man who believes. When the death arrives, he wants God to hear him in order to save him from Hell. How can the man think that Good believes that the man loves him?

The man calls God as the funeral, you have no choice but to do so and you organize the funeral. But God is not a funeral, God is eternal Life in spirit and body, and He allows you to take care of your body and spirit. If you love God, you take care of the spirit first.

One of them said:

I am going to give you some examples as a kind of medicine. The first example: If we see someone with a injured leg who is limping and walking slowly and he stops and falls down, and then a surgeon arrives and assures him a completely recovery without paying anything at all. While he is recovering, the surgeon gives him sustenance and the ill man rejects it, what would be the surgeon's reaction after assuring him that he would walk again and giving him sustenance?

This is another example: if a wealthy man would like to give his inheritance without receiving anything in return and not because he was about to die, he just wanted others to enjoy his richness before he would have to leave them by force, if the people would reject it, do you think that the wealthy man would listen some day to the one who rejected the inheritance?

This is the answer on earthly things.

I woke up, and I heard:

If a doctor prohibits you from what he thinks you mustn't do and you do the opposite and when you feel ill you call him or go to see him, do you think he will see you if he is a fair man in his words and deeds if you were naming and offending him?

And when you meet somebody you would look down on his career.

Imagine you are always offending God and when the hour of your death arrives you want Him to save you.

Do the laws of the spirit first and then the laws of the Earth.

Although the body belongs to God, it will not enter His Kingdom.


Book 69 - God Doesn't Want, He Allows - Volume VIII - Pag. 51-52-53

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 5th Part

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A few days later, one morning I came into my house from the street and I saw a flowerpot on a corner covered by smoke, I rushed to see where this smoke could come from. I saw that nothing was burning.

I came back to the flowerpot. I got to see well the flower, until the smoke faded away.

Then I saw it was something Supernatural.

That night I had my first prophetic dream.

I dreamt the same as during the day. When I came closer to the flowerpot, I saw the smoke, as if they took a cloud, and I saw the Father and the Son in half body. The Son confirmed me that and He told me:
"This is my Father, This is the Almighty."

And I said: This is the Face I saw in Heavens!.

He said: That's right.

And suddendly He disappeared and I woke up.

It was such a big happiness, that I can't explain.

To be continued...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Man

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they said:

If you are good for God, you are good for the man.

If you are good for God, you reject all what offends God.

One said:

There are people who say that the good one is the one who doesn't steal neither kills, although he doesn't love God. This one doesn't kill the body, but buries spirits and takes them to the Hell. The one who doesn't love God is recognized at once, he has something that makes you move away if you are good for God.

I couldn't be friend of the good one, although the man gave him a prize, if he doesn't mention God and doesn't remember the fellow man. I thought of God when I was going to do something. Sometimes I removed my steps and my words when I thought of Him, then I was happy, although I got angry in the critical moment. The Glory revomed the anger when I looked up. When you want to follow God, something will come out on your way so that people see that your love for God is not clean.

I woke up, and I heard:

The man is a bad assessor to assess the good man.

He mixes up the metal and the gold and then he can't ask for a price.

The man who doesn't seek God and doesn't practice the Word of God with Love and Peace, doesn't like the good man.

It's worse than calling dwarf to the giant, and to call giant to a dwarf.

Or to call lion to a lamb, and lamb to the lion.

These men are not the same but it emphasizes more to call good man to the
Man who doesn't love God.


Book 77 - God Doesn't Want, He Allows - Volume IX - Pag. 92-93