Saturday, April 9, 2011

We knew the Spirit hidden in his body

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In Prophetic Dream they said:

The following words were told by Jesus to his Disciples when they approached a village:

If you want to know the Spirits that believe in my Father and trust Me, you will know them. These ones will ask where I will pass. They will ask where I am going to pass, and they will wait there with happiness and quietly. Some will not go today to work, the same as when the body is ill. Others will keep the time to follow my Words and my Teaching and the one who more obeys my Order will be trained in the war, so that your happiness will be crying.

I woke up, and I heard:

That morning we knew the Spirit who hides the body of each one who came closer.

There were places when we arrived and we only heard the word "Master".

The work was finished and the time was not measured.

The Peace shaped palm trees that reached the Sky.

Nevertheless, the opposite spirits worsened the good one.

They made dirty the clean one, and made rich the poor one.

The happiness disturbed and also to hear: The Master is coming.

If the man offers himself to God to know the spirits, they would remain with a label.

Those who love God, the false ones and the Pharisees.


Book 36 - Lost Deeds of Jesus, Dictated Today from the Glory - Volumen VI - Pag. 115-116

Thursday, January 27, 2011

God has cured you

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In Prophetic Dream they said:

For the one who believes in God, if he is ill, you are a good medicine. This is for the Spirit, and the spirit relieves the pain of the body and it gets better. You can't force neither to believe this nor to ask the visit of the Chosen one. This is to believe and to love.

One of them said:

Some times I went with Juan de Dios to visit ill people who called him. The one who called with faith, God answered the Faith.

Here I tell you what happened when he went to a hospital, I witnessed this case:

There were two boys at the door of the hospital, they were waiting for Juan, one was 15 years old and the other was 13. He approached the younger one and he told him:

-Are you Juan, sent by God to cure?

Juan stood there and the older one goes on:

-My father is very ill and he's always mentioning you. But he doesn't want to call you, because he says he should have called you before falling ill. But now it's not worth calling you, in case God gives Recovery, he thinks he would recover. This is what my mother is saying all night. My mother wants to look for you, but he doesn't want.

Juan answered them:

-Go by his bed, I will follow you.

Juan came closer to the bed and he saw how the yellow color of the ill man was coming out and his face was changing.

Juan said:

-I have heard a lot about you, you are always mentioning me. Think that it was God you were mentioning, because he has already cured you. You mentioned me during the night, and the name woke me up. God told me in one dream: Juan, cure when somebody calls you.

I woke up and I heard:

Everybody lived in faith. The sons heard their mother:

-Father says that if Juan would visit him, he would get over. But when he was healthy he didn't look for him to hear about God. If God would forgive him, he would go by his bed.

The sons look for Juan and God cures.

There was faith and remorse, and the sons and the wife introduced him
in the village by saying: "Juan de Dios has cured him".

They saw a recovery from Heavens because the illness had no cure.



Book 39 - God Communicates and Gives Names - Volume IV - Pag. 71-72-73

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sow my Words

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In Prophetic Dream I saw some men sowing and one of them said:

This field and these men were useful one day to Jesus to teach and spread His Words.

These were the words that we heard:

If these men don't sow and don't harvest; and if they believe that the harvest is not going to grow, they don't throw the seed.

Teach from the man who sows in order to sow my Words. If you believe in Me, don't be quite; and my Words will be sown, and you will have abundance in the harvest. But if you have doubts in my words, you don't sow, although you go past a place with fertile land. The trust is inside de seed, before the see falls on the ground. The one who has faith in the seed, this one have a good havest.

Sow my Words, that I left in the Earth!

I woke up, and I heard:

These words of teaching
were said during the last sowings;
in the harvest the man would have destroyed
the Body of God himself.

The Master always spoke to them
with examples and comparing with symbols
that were useful for all.

The man who sowed
answered the Master
when Jesus asked!

Do you think that this year will be good,
or will you lose what you did?

"If you step on the ground where
I have thown the grain
Heavens will make the stem
to break the grain."

Learn from the man who sows
he throws the grain with faith!

If there would not be faith here,
you would never see the field sown.

This is the faith that lack the man
in order to speak about God.


Book 15 - Lost Deeds of Jesus, Dictated Today from the Glory - Volume III - Pag. 223-224-225

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 8th Part

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On 28th August of the same year I saw Him with Body for the first time. This was in a Dream.

It was an afternoon and I was ironing, suddenly I heard a big noise in the roof, I couldn't find out what it was.

That night I saw in in the Prophetic Dream that God came into my room and He said: Come with me.

When I was going, I hit my husband so that he could see I was going with Him.

He took me to the same room and He made me hear the same noise that I had heard that afternoon. I looked up the roof and I saw two barefoot feet. He stood by my side. He came down with His arms folded and with a dove between the hands. He wore a ligth white and cheap tunic, I mean poor, not as those of the Church. He has neither crown, nor heart, nor a signal that could say: I am God. But He had something unmistakable, it was: To be God.

To be continued...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peter's Denial

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they speak about Peter. They told:

God asked Peter: "Peter, do you love me? But God knew that Peter loved Him.
Peter denied, but he loved. He didn't deny neither to defend a charge, nor
to lost a salary. If he would have been Pilate, they don't kill him, or they
would have killed both of them. Peter loved and Pilated betrayed. The denial
of Peter was a temptation of fear to the body. But a temptation when there
is a so big love, this temptation is useful to make this Love bigger.
If Peter doesn't deny, the Crucifixion of the Master would have been the
same. When He accepted it, the Calvary finishes and this body can
live without fear, because they are their own judges.

I woke up, and I heard:

To accept what she days is to put them in communication with God.
For the one who loves God, what is the disadvantage?
They can already mould the words "I don't want to know about God",
however more they apologized, this sentence will be heard: "I don't want
to know about God".


Book Compilation - Lost Deeds of Jesus, Dictated Today from the Glory - Pag. 112

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Admit your sins

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In Prophetic Dream they said:

The best confession is that you admit your sins and ask God to forgive you. Then, look for somebody to speak about them and this is confession.

One said:

There are people who go to confession and defend the sin, they neither go to confession nor want to be forgiven.

Jesus told these Words to one of His Disciples when he asked Him one day:

-Master, what must I answer when somebody asks me the question that they have asked me today, and I couldn't answer? Two men who want to apologize to you stopped me and one of them said that he doesn't think it's a sin what you call sin.

The Master said:

-If what I say it's against my Commandments it's a sin, and somebody
says that this is not a sin, they are sinning more and they don't want
my Forgiveness. Before coming to Me, he shall judge himself if
he want my Forgiveness.

I woke up, and I heard:

The Disciple missed the answer as he didn't want to decide without the Order of his Master.

But the Disciples never broke the Teaching that He told them day after day.

When it got dark and everybody gathered, new Teachings came out for the new day.

The one who wanted the Forgiveness it was the one who said:

"Master, when I sinned I didn't love you."

Admit your sins and send happiness to God.


Book 74 - Lost Deeds of Jesus, Dictated Today from the Glory - Volume IX - Pag. 35-36

Monday, September 27, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 7th Part

...Read in Spanish

There has been one theologian who says that it's impossible that I always see it; there has never been anybody in the History who has been able to see constantly supernatural events.

This is already mine; must God mass produce the things?.

Well, I will go on:

One day, I was looking up the sky and I saw a ball of two meters. It had three colours: green, red and old gold.

I called my husband and my son so that they could see that greatness, but they didn't see it.

That night in the Prophetic Dream I saw the same I saw during the day, but the ball opened and the Sacred Heard with very big rays came out. Although it was far away, I could hear His Voice inside my ear and He told me:

This is what you has seen: The world and Me.

To be continued...