Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 8th Part

...Read in Spanish

On 28th August of the same year I saw Him with Body for the first time. This was in a Dream.

It was an afternoon and I was ironing, suddenly I heard a big noise in the roof, I couldn't find out what it was.

That night I saw in in the Prophetic Dream that God came into my room and He said: Come with me.

When I was going, I hit my husband so that he could see I was going with Him.

He took me to the same room and He made me hear the same noise that I had heard that afternoon. I looked up the roof and I saw two barefoot feet. He stood by my side. He came down with His arms folded and with a dove between the hands. He wore a ligth white and cheap tunic, I mean poor, not as those of the Church. He has neither crown, nor heart, nor a signal that could say: I am God. But He had something unmistakable, it was: To be God.

To be continued...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peter's Denial

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they speak about Peter. They told:

God asked Peter: "Peter, do you love me? But God knew that Peter loved Him.
Peter denied, but he loved. He didn't deny neither to defend a charge, nor
to lost a salary. If he would have been Pilate, they don't kill him, or they
would have killed both of them. Peter loved and Pilated betrayed. The denial
of Peter was a temptation of fear to the body. But a temptation when there
is a so big love, this temptation is useful to make this Love bigger.
If Peter doesn't deny, the Crucifixion of the Master would have been the
same. When He accepted it, the Calvary finishes and this body can
live without fear, because they are their own judges.

I woke up, and I heard:

To accept what she days is to put them in communication with God.
For the one who loves God, what is the disadvantage?
They can already mould the words "I don't want to know about God",
however more they apologized, this sentence will be heard: "I don't want
to know about God".


Book Compilation - Lost Deeds of Jesus, Dictated Today from the Glory - Pag. 112

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Admit your sins

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they said:

The best confession is that you admit your sins and ask God to forgive you. Then, look for somebody to speak about them and this is confession.

One said:

There are people who go to confession and defend the sin, they neither go to confession nor want to be forgiven.

Jesus told these Words to one of His Disciples when he asked Him one day:

-Master, what must I answer when somebody asks me the question that they have asked me today, and I couldn't answer? Two men who want to apologize to you stopped me and one of them said that he doesn't think it's a sin what you call sin.

The Master said:

-If what I say it's against my Commandments it's a sin, and somebody
says that this is not a sin, they are sinning more and they don't want
my Forgiveness. Before coming to Me, he shall judge himself if
he want my Forgiveness.

I woke up, and I heard:

The Disciple missed the answer as he didn't want to decide without the Order of his Master.

But the Disciples never broke the Teaching that He told them day after day.

When it got dark and everybody gathered, new Teachings came out for the new day.

The one who wanted the Forgiveness it was the one who said:

"Master, when I sinned I didn't love you."

Admit your sins and send happiness to God.


Book 74 - Lost Deeds of Jesus, Dictated Today from the Glory - Volume IX - Pag. 35-36

Monday, September 27, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 7th Part

...Read in Spanish

There has been one theologian who says that it's impossible that I always see it; there has never been anybody in the History who has been able to see constantly supernatural events.

This is already mine; must God mass produce the things?.

Well, I will go on:

One day, I was looking up the sky and I saw a ball of two meters. It had three colours: green, red and old gold.

I called my husband and my son so that they could see that greatness, but they didn't see it.

That night in the Prophetic Dream I saw the same I saw during the day, but the ball opened and the Sacred Heard with very big rays came out. Although it was far away, I could hear His Voice inside my ear and He told me:

This is what you has seen: The world and Me.

To be continued...

Friday, August 20, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 6th Part

...Read in Spanish

Seven and eight days later I was looking up to the sky, suddenly I saw some gaps opening and I saw another sky, from where some multicoloured smokes came out, as the rainbow, with such a strengh and speed that they were able to stop a train.

The gaps got closed and the Smokes remained making wonderful drawings. They made ribbons, aureoles, like the signs that people put on the Virgin: "Gloria in scelsis Deo".

I thought it was some natural phenomenum and everybody could see it. But when I asked I realized that nobody could see it.

Since then these "Smokes" never get out my sight. If I am in a closed place, they are small. If I am in the street, they are very big. The biggest the place, the biggest the drawing.

In one of my Revelations God told me that He had left His footprints floating.

To be continued...

Monday, August 9, 2010

The man lives without God, during the time he doesn't follow his commandments

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they said:

If the man looks for God the same as he looks for water, He would bear Him in mind in the plain and in the mountain, in the long and short roads.

If the man would love God the same as he loves money, the man lived better thinking to give food to the hungry people. They would make God happy, fulfilling the Gospel.

The man lives without God when he doesn't follow His Commandments.

One who lived in the Earth and in Heavens when God took out his spirit from his body said:

What a harm is doing the man to the man having this Writings in such a silent (texts written by the hand of the Chosen One and dictated by God). And what a disdain for something that nobody can correct, not even a Theologian or a big writer.

If the man loved God, he would know His language. If he would look for Him to love Him, he would find Him.

The force of these Dictations will uncover those who say that they love.

I woke up, and I heard:

This order must be fulfilled and the silent will be stamped on.

Until the Head of the Church
will spread it around the World.

Is it bad to say
that God is the same
and that the time has not gone by?

Let's them read Writings
from the Old and New Testament.
What can both take out from This
and what can This teaches to the latter?

If this is so,
Amen and full stop!

It has no apology
to have the Power of God
and not to answer His orders.

The Chose one obeys
showing the dictation,
that was told to the spirit before.


Book 18 - God doesn't want, He allows - Volume III - Pag. 226-227-228

Friday, July 30, 2010

The man calls God as the funeral

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they said:

The man do the things knowing that God doesn't like them, this is the man who believes. When the death arrives, he wants God to hear him in order to save him from Hell. How can the man think that Good believes that the man loves him?

The man calls God as the funeral, you have no choice but to do so and you organize the funeral. But God is not a funeral, God is eternal Life in spirit and body, and He allows you to take care of your body and spirit. If you love God, you take care of the spirit first.

One of them said:

I am going to give you some examples as a kind of medicine. The first example: If we see someone with a injured leg who is limping and walking slowly and he stops and falls down, and then a surgeon arrives and assures him a completely recovery without paying anything at all. While he is recovering, the surgeon gives him sustenance and the ill man rejects it, what would be the surgeon's reaction after assuring him that he would walk again and giving him sustenance?

This is another example: if a wealthy man would like to give his inheritance without receiving anything in return and not because he was about to die, he just wanted others to enjoy his richness before he would have to leave them by force, if the people would reject it, do you think that the wealthy man would listen some day to the one who rejected the inheritance?

This is the answer on earthly things.

I woke up, and I heard:

If a doctor prohibits you from what he thinks you mustn't do and you do the opposite and when you feel ill you call him or go to see him, do you think he will see you if he is a fair man in his words and deeds if you were naming and offending him?

And when you meet somebody you would look down on his career.

Imagine you are always offending God and when the hour of your death arrives you want Him to save you.

Do the laws of the spirit first and then the laws of the Earth.

Although the body belongs to God, it will not enter His Kingdom.


Book 69 - God Doesn't Want, He Allows - Volume VIII - Pag. 51-52-53

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 5th Part

...Read in Spanish

A few days later, one morning I came into my house from the street and I saw a flowerpot on a corner covered by smoke, I rushed to see where this smoke could come from. I saw that nothing was burning.

I came back to the flowerpot. I got to see well the flower, until the smoke faded away.

Then I saw it was something Supernatural.

That night I had my first prophetic dream.

I dreamt the same as during the day. When I came closer to the flowerpot, I saw the smoke, as if they took a cloud, and I saw the Father and the Son in half body. The Son confirmed me that and He told me:
"This is my Father, This is the Almighty."

And I said: This is the Face I saw in Heavens!.

He said: That's right.

And suddendly He disappeared and I woke up.

It was such a big happiness, that I can't explain.

To be continued...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Man

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they said:

If you are good for God, you are good for the man.

If you are good for God, you reject all what offends God.

One said:

There are people who say that the good one is the one who doesn't steal neither kills, although he doesn't love God. This one doesn't kill the body, but buries spirits and takes them to the Hell. The one who doesn't love God is recognized at once, he has something that makes you move away if you are good for God.

I couldn't be friend of the good one, although the man gave him a prize, if he doesn't mention God and doesn't remember the fellow man. I thought of God when I was going to do something. Sometimes I removed my steps and my words when I thought of Him, then I was happy, although I got angry in the critical moment. The Glory revomed the anger when I looked up. When you want to follow God, something will come out on your way so that people see that your love for God is not clean.

I woke up, and I heard:

The man is a bad assessor to assess the good man.

He mixes up the metal and the gold and then he can't ask for a price.

The man who doesn't seek God and doesn't practice the Word of God with Love and Peace, doesn't like the good man.

It's worse than calling dwarf to the giant, and to call giant to a dwarf.

Or to call lion to a lamb, and lamb to the lion.

These men are not the same but it emphasizes more to call good man to the
Man who doesn't love God.


Book 77 - God Doesn't Want, He Allows - Volume IX - Pag. 92-93

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is a way of thinking that imprisons the thought

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they said:

When a thought comes to you and you can't stop thinking of it, think that it comes from Heavens. If you can, let it know. If not, keep it as a secret, because it is the Order from Heavens.

If the man who has had an education thinks that the Spirit gives the wisdom of the body, he would teach important lessons with these Books, that teach but not about the culture of Earth. All what the Body does receives the order from the Spirit. In order to teach and to understand this, you must be the Chosen one.

I woke up, and I heard:

These Words were often heard:

"Think that what the Owner asks for is to live loving God."

"This love is so big, that you think that you are offending God because you mention Him few times."

"You would like that everybody could see what you are thinking."

"This is a way of thinking that imprisons the thought."

"This is a way of thinking that makes you beg pardon."

The Spirit is the one who carries the life of the body.

If the man would think about that, first he would take care of the spirit and aftewards of the body.

Because the body has end and the spirit is eternal.


Book 60 - God Doesn't Want, He Allows - Volume VII - Pag. 199-200

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The man fears the man

...Read in Spanish

In prophetic dream they said:

The man fears the man when he must say that it's true that God speaks. This fear is lack of security in the existence of God; the man must be sure that the body says: My spirit is taken by God. When this body answers normally he knows that when he doesn't accept, he's having doubts that God is alive, invisible in the body, and visible in Spirit, for the eyes of the body, you can't see it, unless He takes the body; but if you love Him, you see Him in your Spirit saying these words: These are My Words; making you understand all what your ears hear and your eyes see. But if your knowledge of man does not allow you to hear the Messenger, you will never know about this God alive while you are living in the Earth.

I woke up and I heard:

If you love God, you live for God.

If you love Him, your spirit belongs to God, and when you leave the Earth your spirit comes back to God.

Your Spirit belonged to God, and comes back now to the Place of God.

Your Spirit didn't have a place.

God sends your spirit to live with a body and once the body is dead, the spirit returns to the place that this spirit has chosen with the Liberty that God gave.


Book 8 - God Doesn't Want, He Allows - Volume I - Pag. 85-86

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 4th Part

...Read in Spanish

I prayed a Creed (I never prayed, as my favourite prayer was the first part of Our Father and Hail Mary. I didn't use to pray "saint Mary". This was short and I tried to please both Mother and Son). The Face was present until I finished to pray.

I thought He was an Apostle or an Old man that had died in Grace of God, and He wanted to tell me something.

Since that day the suffering of being ill disappeared.

I told my family about all this and they told me that the clouds used to make drawings, faces, animals and many other things.

I decided not to say anything more. It seems that my sister believed something and she told me:

- Well, tell me if something more happens, it could be a message from God.

I'm going to describe how the Face looked like:

He was between fifty and sixty years old.
His hair was completely white and curly.
The cheekbones were very prominent, but not bony. They were nice. He had long white beard and the lower lip was quite thick. Big eyes. A beautiful face that showed goodness and justice.

I really didn't know Him, but I prayed everyday to our Lord and I asked Him to send me the Old Man and to be able to speak with Him.

To be continued...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 3rd Part

...Read in Spanish

On April 11th at six o'clock I was waken up by a noise and blows against my window, together with noises of birds.
I called my husband so that he could hear that divine noise and he told me he could hear it.

I believed it. But shortly afterwards he told me: what for have you woken me up! where are the birds? You do have birds in your head!!

I began to get worried again.

When he went out and I was alone, I kneeled looking up to the sky, asking to remove this from me if this was an illness, if not, I wish all could hear and see the same as me, because I saw they looked at me distrustfully.

I hadn't finish to pray for this when I saw a cloud, as if two hands were taking it, and a Nice Face of a Man of about fifty years old was formed.

The Sky was completely blue and the cloud was white.

To be continued...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

God's language

...Read in Spanish

In a Prophetic Dream they spoke about the many ways God has in order to speak with the man. One said:

God has a different language for each person, although He is the same God. God uses His unbeatable wisdom and the man sees that He is God. God neither adjust to Man nor follows his advices. God creates and destroys. God sends Life and remove it. God knows what the man thinks about Him. The Man doesn't know what God thinks when He sees the Man's actions. God knows when the Man hides or when he says: Lord, send me what you want although I lose material profits. God chooses, and He protects the place with Wisdom and material strength. The chosen ones for the Teaching of the Spirits had always the presence of God and they never forgot to praise Him. They believed all what God said and they called God to relieve the harm they suffered, the harm that was seen or disappeared, during this disappearing God speaks sometimes, and you hide it because you feel His company.

I woke up, and I heard:

This is one of the languages of God.

Without words and without seeing His presence, but you feel His company, His guide, and you feel yourself protected.

And God makes you see the Vision because there is Love and Faith.

And it is a high tower, and there is more tower beneath the Earth.

God begins here the Prophetic Dream and Teaching going up step by step.

Until you get the maximal high, which is Wisdom.

This Wisdom is not Vision even in the language.

This is pure language of God, that God orders to write.

This is to teach by one He says, look.

In this "Look", he doesn't speak.

He who orders to look, is the one who speaks.

This divine language can be said in one thousand different Eways.


Book 12 - God Communicates and Gives Names - Volume II - pag. 5-6

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 2nd Part

...Read in Spanish

I was hearing a lot of noises of air since March 20th until April 11th, sometimes I heard water currents with strength.

If I was alone at home, I heard barefoot steps, and I felt very frightened, it was as if the heart wanted to come out of me due to the beatings. When I stopped the steps disapeared.

I told my family about that, and they assured me it was some kind of suggestion. I didn't agree with what they said.

They wanted me to go to the doctor, but I didn't want to, I stood in front of my crucifix, asking to remove all this from me. Every time I did so, the disorders were bigger. I was told at home: don't pray with so much faith, you make ill yourself.

To be continued...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

God´s Messages cannot be ammended

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they spoke about the life of the person who enters this Glory when the Spirit is still of use for the Body. They told:

What a hapinness to write these words dictated from Heavens. They told about past lifes, which are the same as those happening today. They are told by people who lived the Love of Heavens, people who were sure that God wasn't dead, people who sent their sufferings to Heavens, if they believed the suffering was from Heavens. If they believed that this was suffering from the Man, they started to think soon:

- God suffers more in Heavens. God let the men give Him suffering, as He is the owner of All.

When they read these lifes, dictated here and told quite often by the same people who lived these lifes, they will learn as they will know that these teachings are told here in Heavens. What the Man says,true or false, doesn't have this pure Love of Teaching, nor respects the Wisdom of God. God orders that His words are said in prose, verse, in words without order, in parables sent by God for us to dictate, in true deeds or some tale that can be use as a good example.

All this is Teaching, without following the Methods used by the Man, that sometimes are of no use.

This Teaching is pure and cannot be ammended.

I woke up, and I heard:

If anybody wanted to correct the dictation, he would have a big failure.

Before correcting two letters, God would have moved him away.

God moved away those who tried to correct His Words. And He will always move them away, because God will never let the Man correct Him.

God dictates and orders.

God dictated for the Salvation.

And He orders for those who want to hide His Words.

If the man would believe "it's God who sends these Words" the man would read begging pardon.


Book 69 - God Doesn´t Want, He Allows - Volume VIII - Pag 49-50

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Men must love as God loved them

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they mentioned facts that happened when God Man lived as Shepherd of the World because the Man needs His presence so much. In those days he was present with Body, but His Spirit will always be with us as long as the man exists.

One said:

Going along one day with the Master, some men approached and told Him:

Master, we are discussing before we left the village and we haven't wanted to ask anybody his opinion for fear of mistaking.

When they finished these words the Master said:

Keep these Words because I heard them before they came out of your mouths.

And pointing at one of them He said:

You say that you give all for Me, but not for the one who comes with Me. If I saw it well done I wouldn't be God, because I needn't the man gives Me anything. But those who become shepherds will fill my Kingdom. That's what I want. But I don't want what you want to give me, because if you don't want to give anything to my followers, all you give me can be for fear.

I woke up, and I heard:

One who followed the Master
had a big trouble
and another one who hears him
and can help told him:

"I give all for the Master
not for you."

When they reached the Master
they didn't wait,
as He knew all.

Then they all hear
that the one who followed Him,
he did good and bad things for Him.

He didn't teach for God,
His Teaching was that
the Men must love
as He loved them.

Once they learned to love,
they felt happiness when they forgave.

How could God accept?
"You refuse those who follow Me,
but you give all to Me."

He said quite often:

The fellow man will know who loves Me.

The one who denies Me, it was known by My Father in Myself before.


Book 15 - Deeds of Jesus lost, dictated today from the Glory - Volume III - Pag. 109-110-111

Friday, March 12, 2010

Those who were close and far

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they said:

One day going out from the Synagogue Jesus said to His Disciples:

The one who hears My Words and doesn't let the Body practice them, don't follow Me because he can harm who follows My obedience. When I teach, I know who hears me and who moves away from Me, who heards and doens't fulfill My Teachings, and I know who is afraid I know what he thinks. This one must ask forgiveness to My Father and he will be able to look at my Face.

There was silence and His strong Voice was heard again willing to forgive:

They are closer to My Glory, those who know that I was sent by My Father are far away, and I have My Kingdom in My Father. The one who cries for the sin is closer and the one who despises My Teachings is farther. I can't forgive if there is no obedience.

Once in the street they gathered and those who God didn't want them to follow Him were left behind because they got others dirty.

I woke up, and I heard:

Obedience is an important certificate.

Those who followed Him believed in the Master.

Those who remained behind were dividided into two groups.

Some cleaned their eyes and until they were not seen, nobody made them walk, of sorrow and remorse.

They spoke about the Master when they arrived home.

On the following day they apologized.

The teaching of that day were for those who were close and far.

Those who had sinned will seek Him.

Those who were sinning will stop sinning before going to hear His Word.

If those who followed Him didn't fulfill His Teachings, were so far away as those who didn't follow Him and sinned.

Those who were far and sinned would lose the Glory because He had come to save those who wanted to be saved.

Those who were close and didn't obey will not be forgiven in the Glory.

The obedience is the key of the doors of this Glory.


Book 13 - Deeds of Jesus lost dictated today from the Glory - Volume II - Pag. 39-40-41

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"You didn't believe in Me, but you wanted to believe"

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they said:

It is worst to believe and not to love than not to love because you don't believe. If you don't believe, maybe somebody is placing some obstacle so that you don't love Him, but if you believe and you don't love, you build a wall, and you condemn yourself.

One said:

One day I heard the Master telling some words that kept me awake, I have
been ordered to dictate them:

"If you believe who I am, and you don't obey me, go away and don't call Me Master, because if you don't believe who I am, you can't bring my Flock. The one who obeys my orders without understanding, he is loving me, and my Father will open the doors of the Glory when he will knock after leaving the Earth."

These words stole my sleep until I got rid of the doubts and I went to meet Him, He didn't allow to speak, it was Him who told me:

"The Love for my Father and the Master will bring you the sleep because you
are seeing God Son. You didn't believe in Me, but you wanted to. I have ordered
you to believe and you have obeyed Me. Publish that you wanted to believe
and my Father has heard you."

I woke up, and I heard:

This was one of the Teachings
that shocked more in Israel.

I wanted to believe,
and I spent the nights
thinking what to do
because I felt something.

But it kept me awake:
"And if I believe and then I neither obey nor love?"

I loved,
and believed.

I followed the Disciples
and their obedience was my guide.

It's better not to believe,
than to believe and not to obey or love.

This is the Word of God.

If you believe without obedience,
you move away from God and you don't get closer to Him.

The one who doesn't believe and says it,
it's a danger that warns,
but it doesn't deceive.

If you love
the obedience will come with you.


Book 28 - Deeds of Jesus lost dictated today from the Glory - Volume V - Pag. 197-198-199

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To ask God - Book 40 - God Orders to Teach from His Glory - Volume VI - Pag. 116-117

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they said:

If you are looking for God, do think that He is waiting for you. If you are looking for God, do have Confidence with Love.

One said:

If you ask with Confidence, be sure you obtain it, because God wants you to ask without doubts and with happiness.

There are people who ask with challenge, because what they ask in the Earth can not be given. The one who lives to serve God is afraid of hearing this request.

The one that God choses asked always with Love, and he had times of big sufferings, and he knew that God could take them away, but he never blamed the Power of God.

The words of the Chosen one are: "Lord, if you allow it, it will have some
explanation. You suffer more than me, and you allow that the man does not
love you by Love or by fear of the day when his body will be dead."

I woke up, and I heard:

The sufferings of Man and the fact that God allows were much mentioned
in this Prophetic Dream.

To ask with Confidence or to ask challenging God.

They said that the one chosen by God, the Confidence and the Faith made him to live what he asked, before God would give the request.

The Faith sees what the eyes can't see.

The Confidence in God is a key in the hand, you know that the door is open and you needn't knock.

God will give what you have already asked for.

All these teachings must be published, so that the man asks knowing that God gives what he asks.

Maybe you won't see it until it comes out from darkness.

Ask God without rest, knowing that He can give it.

Be the Love bigger everytime you ask Him.

If God would give some requests, later the suffering would be bigger.


The Man manages what God Gives - Book 29 - God orders to teach from His Glory - Volume IV - Pag. 26-27-28

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they spoke about the World, the Man, the Earth, about what is born, what dies, about the Sun, the stars, the day when dawn breaks, although the man could know a lot, he can't know what that day leaves and what the night keeps so he can see it when it's light. The spoke about the temporary wisdom and the eternal Wisdom, and they said:

All what has been named is the World without a material owner, although the Man believes he is the owner, that is the biggest deception that his body feels.

If the man thinks about his temporary powers, he would not consider himself as owner,he would say "I am administrator of all what God leaves me while my body lives; the more He gives me to manage, the more I will have to give back later".

One said:

Ask God to give you much to manage, but ask without words.

"Lord, I wish I will never feel myself as an owner, I wish the administration will allow me to take many to your Kingdom.

I woke up, and I heard:

What a happiness to be able to manage all what God gives you!

You have to think that Life without body doesn't need anything.

Think about that and remember that the man does not have anything, not
even his being.

He only owns these short words: "I don't want, or I want the Glory".

God gives you answer raising His Arm, or opening the Doors of His Glory.


Monday, March 8, 2010

The Calvary - Book 74 - Deeds of Jesus Lost, Dictated Today From The Glory - Volume IX - Pag. 72-73-74

...Read in Spanish

In Prophetic Dream they spoke about God as a Man, about his Disciples and they explained the reason why he went up to the Calvary.

One of them said:

In order to exist Resurrection there had to be a Calvary before. When the Man saw another man who exceded all the men in Love, Charity and Forgiveness, he had to kill him. He was covered by Wisdom and Power to do and destroy what he had created. God goes up to the Calvary because He allows the Man to do what he wants, it is not the Power of Man. The Man would not have wanted His Resurrection, but once He removed the freedom, His Power resurrects the Body, lifts the grave and the earth, and with obedience, He frees His Body. Then he goes up to Heavens as a Man, as it was seen on Earth.

If you goes up to the Calvary thinking of His Resurrection, the Resurrection is sure. But you must go up with Love, with Charity and Forgiveness.

I woke up, and I heard:

So much could be dictated, it would be great teaching to teach the one who loves, but how would these Words teach without Love?

How would the Man interprete many of these words?

A God that becomes Man and the Man that kills this God.

They have to seed Love, the reason of these Teachings.

When you live in Love, you will move away from the sin.

In order to understand God, it is Love that writes communicating with God.

And He comes to your Calvary giving you the Resurrection.

But never get rid of what He left us.

These three things: Love, Charity and Forgiveness.

If you go up to the Calvary like that, He will give you the Resurrection.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 1st Part

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New Section: Ana García de Cuenca´s First Supernatural Events

Thanks to all the readers for their support. I will include new sections in the blog so that you know this case more in depth.

I'm going to publish the first Supernatural Events that Ana García de Cuenca started to experience in 1954, just before she began to receive Messages from God until Her dead in 2005.

It was a morning of March 1954, I went to the Church and these were the first supernatural events that happened to me:

I kneeled down in front of the image of Jesus and I saw how He moved His mouth.

I thought at first it was my sight, but when He did this several times, I thought I was falling ill with angina pectoris.

I will tell you what I felt:

I felt as if air was comming into my chest with a big pain, at the same time I felt as if I was becoming taller, but I looked at my sister and a friend who came along with us and I saw I was as tall as them.

These symptoms made me think of the death. They were good and bad. I can't describe it. You would understand me better by word.

When I felt worse I went out to the street and out there I began to feel better.

Those who were with me said that my face went pale and odd.

When I arrived home, I stood in front of a crucifix and I said:
Lord, I don't want to suffer this again, my son and my husband need me, now that he has got over...(as he has been six years ill in bed).

To be continued...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Because culture without God, it's useless to go up to Heavens

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In prophetic dream they said:

What useless is the culture and the progress for the Man in order to
see that God is alive and not dead.

What useless is the progress for the Man in order to fulfill the commandments.If you give an answer of the man to each Word said by God, if you love God,you reject the culture because you see it as a tool that kills, poison in a golden cup, words in evil mouth. All this and much more is culture without learning that God is Living Presence.

One Spirit of God said:

If the man takes out "I" and would place the Name of God, there would not be Chose People, and it would be extrange that somebodoy could say: "I feel God". He would be despised as a contagious disease, and everybody would run away from him as cannon shooting.

I woke up, and I heard:

It contradicts: culture, progress and advance, retired from God.

The culture and the advance cannot deceive anybody, by telling that they move the world and they have the life of the man in their hands.

If the advance wants, the old age doesn't arrive.

If you think of the rain, the storm, the thunder, the landslides, you are frightened if you don't seize the culture to get the people to love God.

If you see that you lose Heavens, despise the Culture and observe the Commandments.

Because culture without God, it's useless to go up to Heavens.

It's an ornament that the man puts on the body.

Be educated in the Spirit, and then educated in the Body!


Book 30 - Investigations about the Truth - Volume IV - Pag. 76-77

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What will they try to do here? - Book 36 - Deeds of Jesus Lost, Dictated Today From The Glory - Volume VI - Pag. 167-168

In Prophetic Dream they said:

If the person who knows the one to whom God speaks and gives command, would say Amen as he says "good morning", "good night", this said in all spoken by the Messenger of God, how much good would be done!, how much suffering would shrink and what a defeat the evil spirits would have!. These spirits fight great battles to hinder all that may help this Greatness.

One of them said:

If they chased God Man, and those who followed Him, what will they try to do here?
If they would obey the Chosen one, evil would remain in the attempt and would not arrive here.

When the Disciples were leaving Him with the command that He gave them, the Master taught them to act with force when the satanic spirits would chase them to defeat them. They attempted to sicken their body and to remove their forces, to sadden their face, and they would blame their Master, thinking that, as He is God, how he allowed that they were mistreated?.

I woke up, and I heard:

They obeyed the Master, because they knew He was God.

They knew the symptoms, without being of pain, others thought it was pain.

If all who know about this would obey, it would be the triumph over win.

And failure after failure.

The time will come when things will be changed.

And the happiness will destroy the suffering.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"The path that never lacks grass" - Book Compilation - Deeds of Jesus lost, dictated today from the Glory - Pages 292-293

In Prophetic Dream they said:

More sinners sought Jesus than men that had never sinned.

One of them said:

One day when Jesus was about to speak to his Disciples some women arrived to a path which was later known as "the path that never lacks grass" in order to remember God as Man. The women arrived and one of them had her eyes fixed on the ground until Jesus would judge her. She didn't think she deserved hearing his Voice, and she heard these words with tears in her eyes:

"Woman, before coming to me you were already forgiven, as you want the sinner to stop sinning and the one who has never sinned to love me more".

And pointing at the other two women, He said:

"These women have come because of your big sins and your big regret. Many will call me, when I go up to the Father, due to your regret. You don't want the day and the night for yourself, you want to use them for the people to seek Me. Listen to my words woman, I have forgiven you for wishing that many love Me as God of Heavens and for suffering for those who are sinning".

I woke up, and I heard:

Before going to the Master
this woman
had sent to him many people
that had stopped sinning.

When she stopped sinning
she took the path
when somebody said:
I think He goes this way!

Everybody she met
she got them to follow her.

She asked the women
to go instead of her,
since they didn't sin.

But they stay put
and they didn't see the obedience.

Suddenly she said: I go!

And they walk together happily.

But when she sees the Master,
She has her eyes fixed,
as she thinks she doesn't deserve him.

"The path that never lacks grass"
was a house without ceiling.

And there she got people to stop sinning
when the Father was the Master.

She spoke about her sins
and the miracle of the road.