Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The man fears the man

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In prophetic dream they said:

The man fears the man when he must say that it's true that God speaks. This fear is lack of security in the existence of God; the man must be sure that the body says: My spirit is taken by God. When this body answers normally he knows that when he doesn't accept, he's having doubts that God is alive, invisible in the body, and visible in Spirit, for the eyes of the body, you can't see it, unless He takes the body; but if you love Him, you see Him in your Spirit saying these words: These are My Words; making you understand all what your ears hear and your eyes see. But if your knowledge of man does not allow you to hear the Messenger, you will never know about this God alive while you are living in the Earth.

I woke up and I heard:

If you love God, you live for God.

If you love Him, your spirit belongs to God, and when you leave the Earth your spirit comes back to God.

Your Spirit belonged to God, and comes back now to the Place of God.

Your Spirit didn't have a place.

God sends your spirit to live with a body and once the body is dead, the spirit returns to the place that this spirit has chosen with the Liberty that God gave.


Book 8 - God Doesn't Want, He Allows - Volume I - Pag. 85-86

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