Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 4th Part

...Read in Spanish

I prayed a Creed (I never prayed, as my favourite prayer was the first part of Our Father and Hail Mary. I didn't use to pray "saint Mary". This was short and I tried to please both Mother and Son). The Face was present until I finished to pray.

I thought He was an Apostle or an Old man that had died in Grace of God, and He wanted to tell me something.

Since that day the suffering of being ill disappeared.

I told my family about all this and they told me that the clouds used to make drawings, faces, animals and many other things.

I decided not to say anything more. It seems that my sister believed something and she told me:

- Well, tell me if something more happens, it could be a message from God.

I'm going to describe how the Face looked like:

He was between fifty and sixty years old.
His hair was completely white and curly.
The cheekbones were very prominent, but not bony. They were nice. He had long white beard and the lower lip was quite thick. Big eyes. A beautiful face that showed goodness and justice.

I really didn't know Him, but I prayed everyday to our Lord and I asked Him to send me the Old Man and to be able to speak with Him.

To be continued...

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