Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 5th Part

...Read in Spanish

A few days later, one morning I came into my house from the street and I saw a flowerpot on a corner covered by smoke, I rushed to see where this smoke could come from. I saw that nothing was burning.

I came back to the flowerpot. I got to see well the flower, until the smoke faded away.

Then I saw it was something Supernatural.

That night I had my first prophetic dream.

I dreamt the same as during the day. When I came closer to the flowerpot, I saw the smoke, as if they took a cloud, and I saw the Father and the Son in half body. The Son confirmed me that and He told me:
"This is my Father, This is the Almighty."

And I said: This is the Face I saw in Heavens!.

He said: That's right.

And suddendly He disappeared and I woke up.

It was such a big happiness, that I can't explain.

To be continued...


  1. Hello Kike,
    All this is very interesting but at first it's hard to believe that someone received messages everyday from the Glory, what does the Church say about this case?

  2. Hi sorin150895 and welcome to this blog. I agree with you, but, although the Church has not acted publicly about these Books, yes they have done many of his ministers and prominent figures of society by their supporting and their Prologues which are contained in each of these Books.

  3. Hi, in my opinion the Church should support this case, otherwise the case will be forgotten soon.

  4. arhy33, I´m sure this Case will NEVER be forgotten.