Monday, September 27, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 7th Part

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There has been one theologian who says that it's impossible that I always see it; there has never been anybody in the History who has been able to see constantly supernatural events.

This is already mine; must God mass produce the things?.

Well, I will go on:

One day, I was looking up the sky and I saw a ball of two meters. It had three colours: green, red and old gold.

I called my husband and my son so that they could see that greatness, but they didn't see it.

That night in the Prophetic Dream I saw the same I saw during the day, but the ball opened and the Sacred Heard with very big rays came out. Although it was far away, I could hear His Voice inside my ear and He told me:

This is what you has seen: The world and Me.

To be continued...

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