Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peter's Denial

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In Prophetic Dream they speak about Peter. They told:

God asked Peter: "Peter, do you love me? But God knew that Peter loved Him.
Peter denied, but he loved. He didn't deny neither to defend a charge, nor
to lost a salary. If he would have been Pilate, they don't kill him, or they
would have killed both of them. Peter loved and Pilated betrayed. The denial
of Peter was a temptation of fear to the body. But a temptation when there
is a so big love, this temptation is useful to make this Love bigger.
If Peter doesn't deny, the Crucifixion of the Master would have been the
same. When He accepted it, the Calvary finishes and this body can
live without fear, because they are their own judges.

I woke up, and I heard:

To accept what she days is to put them in communication with God.
For the one who loves God, what is the disadvantage?
They can already mould the words "I don't want to know about God",
however more they apologized, this sentence will be heard: "I don't want
to know about God".


Book Compilation - Lost Deeds of Jesus, Dictated Today from the Glory - Pag. 112

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