Thursday, October 14, 2010

Admit your sins

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In Prophetic Dream they said:

The best confession is that you admit your sins and ask God to forgive you. Then, look for somebody to speak about them and this is confession.

One said:

There are people who go to confession and defend the sin, they neither go to confession nor want to be forgiven.

Jesus told these Words to one of His Disciples when he asked Him one day:

-Master, what must I answer when somebody asks me the question that they have asked me today, and I couldn't answer? Two men who want to apologize to you stopped me and one of them said that he doesn't think it's a sin what you call sin.

The Master said:

-If what I say it's against my Commandments it's a sin, and somebody
says that this is not a sin, they are sinning more and they don't want
my Forgiveness. Before coming to Me, he shall judge himself if
he want my Forgiveness.

I woke up, and I heard:

The Disciple missed the answer as he didn't want to decide without the Order of his Master.

But the Disciples never broke the Teaching that He told them day after day.

When it got dark and everybody gathered, new Teachings came out for the new day.

The one who wanted the Forgiveness it was the one who said:

"Master, when I sinned I didn't love you."

Admit your sins and send happiness to God.


Book 74 - Lost Deeds of Jesus, Dictated Today from the Glory - Volume IX - Pag. 35-36

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