Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sow my Words

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In Prophetic Dream I saw some men sowing and one of them said:

This field and these men were useful one day to Jesus to teach and spread His Words.

These were the words that we heard:

If these men don't sow and don't harvest; and if they believe that the harvest is not going to grow, they don't throw the seed.

Teach from the man who sows in order to sow my Words. If you believe in Me, don't be quite; and my Words will be sown, and you will have abundance in the harvest. But if you have doubts in my words, you don't sow, although you go past a place with fertile land. The trust is inside de seed, before the see falls on the ground. The one who has faith in the seed, this one have a good havest.

Sow my Words, that I left in the Earth!

I woke up, and I heard:

These words of teaching
were said during the last sowings;
in the harvest the man would have destroyed
the Body of God himself.

The Master always spoke to them
with examples and comparing with symbols
that were useful for all.

The man who sowed
answered the Master
when Jesus asked!

Do you think that this year will be good,
or will you lose what you did?

"If you step on the ground where
I have thown the grain
Heavens will make the stem
to break the grain."

Learn from the man who sows
he throws the grain with faith!

If there would not be faith here,
you would never see the field sown.

This is the faith that lack the man
in order to speak about God.


Book 15 - Lost Deeds of Jesus, Dictated Today from the Glory - Volume III - Pag. 223-224-225

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