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God has cured you

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In Prophetic Dream they said:

For the one who believes in God, if he is ill, you are a good medicine. This is for the Spirit, and the spirit relieves the pain of the body and it gets better. You can't force neither to believe this nor to ask the visit of the Chosen one. This is to believe and to love.

One of them said:

Some times I went with Juan de Dios to visit ill people who called him. The one who called with faith, God answered the Faith.

Here I tell you what happened when he went to a hospital, I witnessed this case:

There were two boys at the door of the hospital, they were waiting for Juan, one was 15 years old and the other was 13. He approached the younger one and he told him:

-Are you Juan, sent by God to cure?

Juan stood there and the older one goes on:

-My father is very ill and he's always mentioning you. But he doesn't want to call you, because he says he should have called you before falling ill. But now it's not worth calling you, in case God gives Recovery, he thinks he would recover. This is what my mother is saying all night. My mother wants to look for you, but he doesn't want.

Juan answered them:

-Go by his bed, I will follow you.

Juan came closer to the bed and he saw how the yellow color of the ill man was coming out and his face was changing.

Juan said:

-I have heard a lot about you, you are always mentioning me. Think that it was God you were mentioning, because he has already cured you. You mentioned me during the night, and the name woke me up. God told me in one dream: Juan, cure when somebody calls you.

I woke up and I heard:

Everybody lived in faith. The sons heard their mother:

-Father says that if Juan would visit him, he would get over. But when he was healthy he didn't look for him to hear about God. If God would forgive him, he would go by his bed.

The sons look for Juan and God cures.

There was faith and remorse, and the sons and the wife introduced him
in the village by saying: "Juan de Dios has cured him".

They saw a recovery from Heavens because the illness had no cure.



Book 39 - God Communicates and Gives Names - Volume IV - Pag. 71-72-73

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