Saturday, April 9, 2011

We knew the Spirit hidden in his body

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In Prophetic Dream they said:

The following words were told by Jesus to his Disciples when they approached a village:

If you want to know the Spirits that believe in my Father and trust Me, you will know them. These ones will ask where I will pass. They will ask where I am going to pass, and they will wait there with happiness and quietly. Some will not go today to work, the same as when the body is ill. Others will keep the time to follow my Words and my Teaching and the one who more obeys my Order will be trained in the war, so that your happiness will be crying.

I woke up, and I heard:

That morning we knew the Spirit who hides the body of each one who came closer.

There were places when we arrived and we only heard the word "Master".

The work was finished and the time was not measured.

The Peace shaped palm trees that reached the Sky.

Nevertheless, the opposite spirits worsened the good one.

They made dirty the clean one, and made rich the poor one.

The happiness disturbed and also to hear: The Master is coming.

If the man offers himself to God to know the spirits, they would remain with a label.

Those who love God, the false ones and the Pharisees.


Book 36 - Lost Deeds of Jesus, Dictated Today from the Glory - Volumen VI - Pag. 115-116

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