Friday, March 5, 2010

Because culture without God, it's useless to go up to Heavens

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In prophetic dream they said:

What useless is the culture and the progress for the Man in order to
see that God is alive and not dead.

What useless is the progress for the Man in order to fulfill the commandments.If you give an answer of the man to each Word said by God, if you love God,you reject the culture because you see it as a tool that kills, poison in a golden cup, words in evil mouth. All this and much more is culture without learning that God is Living Presence.

One Spirit of God said:

If the man takes out "I" and would place the Name of God, there would not be Chose People, and it would be extrange that somebodoy could say: "I feel God". He would be despised as a contagious disease, and everybody would run away from him as cannon shooting.

I woke up, and I heard:

It contradicts: culture, progress and advance, retired from God.

The culture and the advance cannot deceive anybody, by telling that they move the world and they have the life of the man in their hands.

If the advance wants, the old age doesn't arrive.

If you think of the rain, the storm, the thunder, the landslides, you are frightened if you don't seize the culture to get the people to love God.

If you see that you lose Heavens, despise the Culture and observe the Commandments.

Because culture without God, it's useless to go up to Heavens.

It's an ornament that the man puts on the body.

Be educated in the Spirit, and then educated in the Body!


Book 30 - Investigations about the Truth - Volume IV - Pag. 76-77

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