Saturday, March 6, 2010

First Supernatural Events: 1st Part

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New Section: Ana García de Cuenca´s First Supernatural Events

Thanks to all the readers for their support. I will include new sections in the blog so that you know this case more in depth.

I'm going to publish the first Supernatural Events that Ana García de Cuenca started to experience in 1954, just before she began to receive Messages from God until Her dead in 2005.

It was a morning of March 1954, I went to the Church and these were the first supernatural events that happened to me:

I kneeled down in front of the image of Jesus and I saw how He moved His mouth.

I thought at first it was my sight, but when He did this several times, I thought I was falling ill with angina pectoris.

I will tell you what I felt:

I felt as if air was comming into my chest with a big pain, at the same time I felt as if I was becoming taller, but I looked at my sister and a friend who came along with us and I saw I was as tall as them.

These symptoms made me think of the death. They were good and bad. I can't describe it. You would understand me better by word.

When I felt worse I went out to the street and out there I began to feel better.

Those who were with me said that my face went pale and odd.

When I arrived home, I stood in front of a crucifix and I said:
Lord, I don't want to suffer this again, my son and my husband need me, now that he has got over...(as he has been six years ill in bed).

To be continued...

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