Tuesday, March 16, 2010

God´s Messages cannot be ammended

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In Prophetic Dream they spoke about the life of the person who enters this Glory when the Spirit is still of use for the Body. They told:

What a hapinness to write these words dictated from Heavens. They told about past lifes, which are the same as those happening today. They are told by people who lived the Love of Heavens, people who were sure that God wasn't dead, people who sent their sufferings to Heavens, if they believed the suffering was from Heavens. If they believed that this was suffering from the Man, they started to think soon:

- God suffers more in Heavens. God let the men give Him suffering, as He is the owner of All.

When they read these lifes, dictated here and told quite often by the same people who lived these lifes, they will learn as they will know that these teachings are told here in Heavens. What the Man says,true or false, doesn't have this pure Love of Teaching, nor respects the Wisdom of God. God orders that His words are said in prose, verse, in words without order, in parables sent by God for us to dictate, in true deeds or some tale that can be use as a good example.

All this is Teaching, without following the Methods used by the Man, that sometimes are of no use.

This Teaching is pure and cannot be ammended.

I woke up, and I heard:

If anybody wanted to correct the dictation, he would have a big failure.

Before correcting two letters, God would have moved him away.

God moved away those who tried to correct His Words. And He will always move them away, because God will never let the Man correct Him.

God dictates and orders.

God dictated for the Salvation.

And He orders for those who want to hide His Words.

If the man would believe "it's God who sends these Words" the man would read begging pardon.


Book 69 - God Doesn´t Want, He Allows - Volume VIII - Pag 49-50

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