Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"The path that never lacks grass" - Book Compilation - Deeds of Jesus lost, dictated today from the Glory - Pages 292-293

In Prophetic Dream they said:

More sinners sought Jesus than men that had never sinned.

One of them said:

One day when Jesus was about to speak to his Disciples some women arrived to a path which was later known as "the path that never lacks grass" in order to remember God as Man. The women arrived and one of them had her eyes fixed on the ground until Jesus would judge her. She didn't think she deserved hearing his Voice, and she heard these words with tears in her eyes:

"Woman, before coming to me you were already forgiven, as you want the sinner to stop sinning and the one who has never sinned to love me more".

And pointing at the other two women, He said:

"These women have come because of your big sins and your big regret. Many will call me, when I go up to the Father, due to your regret. You don't want the day and the night for yourself, you want to use them for the people to seek Me. Listen to my words woman, I have forgiven you for wishing that many love Me as God of Heavens and for suffering for those who are sinning".

I woke up, and I heard:

Before going to the Master
this woman
had sent to him many people
that had stopped sinning.

When she stopped sinning
she took the path
when somebody said:
I think He goes this way!

Everybody she met
she got them to follow her.

She asked the women
to go instead of her,
since they didn't sin.

But they stay put
and they didn't see the obedience.

Suddenly she said: I go!

And they walk together happily.

But when she sees the Master,
She has her eyes fixed,
as she thinks she doesn't deserve him.

"The path that never lacks grass"
was a house without ceiling.

And there she got people to stop sinning
when the Father was the Master.

She spoke about her sins
and the miracle of the road.


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