Saturday, March 20, 2010

God's language

...Read in Spanish

In a Prophetic Dream they spoke about the many ways God has in order to speak with the man. One said:

God has a different language for each person, although He is the same God. God uses His unbeatable wisdom and the man sees that He is God. God neither adjust to Man nor follows his advices. God creates and destroys. God sends Life and remove it. God knows what the man thinks about Him. The Man doesn't know what God thinks when He sees the Man's actions. God knows when the Man hides or when he says: Lord, send me what you want although I lose material profits. God chooses, and He protects the place with Wisdom and material strength. The chosen ones for the Teaching of the Spirits had always the presence of God and they never forgot to praise Him. They believed all what God said and they called God to relieve the harm they suffered, the harm that was seen or disappeared, during this disappearing God speaks sometimes, and you hide it because you feel His company.

I woke up, and I heard:

This is one of the languages of God.

Without words and without seeing His presence, but you feel His company, His guide, and you feel yourself protected.

And God makes you see the Vision because there is Love and Faith.

And it is a high tower, and there is more tower beneath the Earth.

God begins here the Prophetic Dream and Teaching going up step by step.

Until you get the maximal high, which is Wisdom.

This Wisdom is not Vision even in the language.

This is pure language of God, that God orders to write.

This is to teach by one He says, look.

In this "Look", he doesn't speak.

He who orders to look, is the one who speaks.

This divine language can be said in one thousand different Eways.


Book 12 - God Communicates and Gives Names - Volume II - pag. 5-6