Monday, March 8, 2010

The Calvary - Book 74 - Deeds of Jesus Lost, Dictated Today From The Glory - Volume IX - Pag. 72-73-74

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In Prophetic Dream they spoke about God as a Man, about his Disciples and they explained the reason why he went up to the Calvary.

One of them said:

In order to exist Resurrection there had to be a Calvary before. When the Man saw another man who exceded all the men in Love, Charity and Forgiveness, he had to kill him. He was covered by Wisdom and Power to do and destroy what he had created. God goes up to the Calvary because He allows the Man to do what he wants, it is not the Power of Man. The Man would not have wanted His Resurrection, but once He removed the freedom, His Power resurrects the Body, lifts the grave and the earth, and with obedience, He frees His Body. Then he goes up to Heavens as a Man, as it was seen on Earth.

If you goes up to the Calvary thinking of His Resurrection, the Resurrection is sure. But you must go up with Love, with Charity and Forgiveness.

I woke up, and I heard:

So much could be dictated, it would be great teaching to teach the one who loves, but how would these Words teach without Love?

How would the Man interprete many of these words?

A God that becomes Man and the Man that kills this God.

They have to seed Love, the reason of these Teachings.

When you live in Love, you will move away from the sin.

In order to understand God, it is Love that writes communicating with God.

And He comes to your Calvary giving you the Resurrection.

But never get rid of what He left us.

These three things: Love, Charity and Forgiveness.

If you go up to the Calvary like that, He will give you the Resurrection.


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