Thursday, March 11, 2010

"You didn't believe in Me, but you wanted to believe"

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In Prophetic Dream they said:

It is worst to believe and not to love than not to love because you don't believe. If you don't believe, maybe somebody is placing some obstacle so that you don't love Him, but if you believe and you don't love, you build a wall, and you condemn yourself.

One said:

One day I heard the Master telling some words that kept me awake, I have
been ordered to dictate them:

"If you believe who I am, and you don't obey me, go away and don't call Me Master, because if you don't believe who I am, you can't bring my Flock. The one who obeys my orders without understanding, he is loving me, and my Father will open the doors of the Glory when he will knock after leaving the Earth."

These words stole my sleep until I got rid of the doubts and I went to meet Him, He didn't allow to speak, it was Him who told me:

"The Love for my Father and the Master will bring you the sleep because you
are seeing God Son. You didn't believe in Me, but you wanted to. I have ordered
you to believe and you have obeyed Me. Publish that you wanted to believe
and my Father has heard you."

I woke up, and I heard:

This was one of the Teachings
that shocked more in Israel.

I wanted to believe,
and I spent the nights
thinking what to do
because I felt something.

But it kept me awake:
"And if I believe and then I neither obey nor love?"

I loved,
and believed.

I followed the Disciples
and their obedience was my guide.

It's better not to believe,
than to believe and not to obey or love.

This is the Word of God.

If you believe without obedience,
you move away from God and you don't get closer to Him.

The one who doesn't believe and says it,
it's a danger that warns,
but it doesn't deceive.

If you love
the obedience will come with you.


Book 28 - Deeds of Jesus lost dictated today from the Glory - Volume V - Pag. 197-198-199

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