Thursday, March 4, 2010

What will they try to do here? - Book 36 - Deeds of Jesus Lost, Dictated Today From The Glory - Volume VI - Pag. 167-168

In Prophetic Dream they said:

If the person who knows the one to whom God speaks and gives command, would say Amen as he says "good morning", "good night", this said in all spoken by the Messenger of God, how much good would be done!, how much suffering would shrink and what a defeat the evil spirits would have!. These spirits fight great battles to hinder all that may help this Greatness.

One of them said:

If they chased God Man, and those who followed Him, what will they try to do here?
If they would obey the Chosen one, evil would remain in the attempt and would not arrive here.

When the Disciples were leaving Him with the command that He gave them, the Master taught them to act with force when the satanic spirits would chase them to defeat them. They attempted to sicken their body and to remove their forces, to sadden their face, and they would blame their Master, thinking that, as He is God, how he allowed that they were mistreated?.

I woke up, and I heard:

They obeyed the Master, because they knew He was God.

They knew the symptoms, without being of pain, others thought it was pain.

If all who know about this would obey, it would be the triumph over win.

And failure after failure.

The time will come when things will be changed.

And the happiness will destroy the suffering.


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