Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Man manages what God Gives - Book 29 - God orders to teach from His Glory - Volume IV - Pag. 26-27-28

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In Prophetic Dream they spoke about the World, the Man, the Earth, about what is born, what dies, about the Sun, the stars, the day when dawn breaks, although the man could know a lot, he can't know what that day leaves and what the night keeps so he can see it when it's light. The spoke about the temporary wisdom and the eternal Wisdom, and they said:

All what has been named is the World without a material owner, although the Man believes he is the owner, that is the biggest deception that his body feels.

If the man thinks about his temporary powers, he would not consider himself as owner,he would say "I am administrator of all what God leaves me while my body lives; the more He gives me to manage, the more I will have to give back later".

One said:

Ask God to give you much to manage, but ask without words.

"Lord, I wish I will never feel myself as an owner, I wish the administration will allow me to take many to your Kingdom.

I woke up, and I heard:

What a happiness to be able to manage all what God gives you!

You have to think that Life without body doesn't need anything.

Think about that and remember that the man does not have anything, not
even his being.

He only owns these short words: "I don't want, or I want the Glory".

God gives you answer raising His Arm, or opening the Doors of His Glory.


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