Friday, March 12, 2010

Those who were close and far

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In Prophetic Dream they said:

One day going out from the Synagogue Jesus said to His Disciples:

The one who hears My Words and doesn't let the Body practice them, don't follow Me because he can harm who follows My obedience. When I teach, I know who hears me and who moves away from Me, who heards and doens't fulfill My Teachings, and I know who is afraid I know what he thinks. This one must ask forgiveness to My Father and he will be able to look at my Face.

There was silence and His strong Voice was heard again willing to forgive:

They are closer to My Glory, those who know that I was sent by My Father are far away, and I have My Kingdom in My Father. The one who cries for the sin is closer and the one who despises My Teachings is farther. I can't forgive if there is no obedience.

Once in the street they gathered and those who God didn't want them to follow Him were left behind because they got others dirty.

I woke up, and I heard:

Obedience is an important certificate.

Those who followed Him believed in the Master.

Those who remained behind were dividided into two groups.

Some cleaned their eyes and until they were not seen, nobody made them walk, of sorrow and remorse.

They spoke about the Master when they arrived home.

On the following day they apologized.

The teaching of that day were for those who were close and far.

Those who had sinned will seek Him.

Those who were sinning will stop sinning before going to hear His Word.

If those who followed Him didn't fulfill His Teachings, were so far away as those who didn't follow Him and sinned.

Those who were far and sinned would lose the Glory because He had come to save those who wanted to be saved.

Those who were close and didn't obey will not be forgiven in the Glory.

The obedience is the key of the doors of this Glory.


Book 13 - Deeds of Jesus lost dictated today from the Glory - Volume II - Pag. 39-40-41

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