Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To ask God - Book 40 - God Orders to Teach from His Glory - Volume VI - Pag. 116-117

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In Prophetic Dream they said:

If you are looking for God, do think that He is waiting for you. If you are looking for God, do have Confidence with Love.

One said:

If you ask with Confidence, be sure you obtain it, because God wants you to ask without doubts and with happiness.

There are people who ask with challenge, because what they ask in the Earth can not be given. The one who lives to serve God is afraid of hearing this request.

The one that God choses asked always with Love, and he had times of big sufferings, and he knew that God could take them away, but he never blamed the Power of God.

The words of the Chosen one are: "Lord, if you allow it, it will have some
explanation. You suffer more than me, and you allow that the man does not
love you by Love or by fear of the day when his body will be dead."

I woke up, and I heard:

The sufferings of Man and the fact that God allows were much mentioned
in this Prophetic Dream.

To ask with Confidence or to ask challenging God.

They said that the one chosen by God, the Confidence and the Faith made him to live what he asked, before God would give the request.

The Faith sees what the eyes can't see.

The Confidence in God is a key in the hand, you know that the door is open and you needn't knock.

God will give what you have already asked for.

All these teachings must be published, so that the man asks knowing that God gives what he asks.

Maybe you won't see it until it comes out from darkness.

Ask God without rest, knowing that He can give it.

Be the Love bigger everytime you ask Him.

If God would give some requests, later the suffering would be bigger.


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